Mathematics Enrichment Workshops


The aim of the event is to help mathematically talented pupils to further extend their interest and knowledge in Mathematics, by inspiring and motivating them through exposure to the beauty and variety of Mathematics. The Mathematics Enrichment Workshops hope to impart to participants knowledge and skills for the early pursuit of university level mathematics, in a supportive environment which allows for interaction among pupils who love Mathematics.


The Mathematics Enrichment Workshops consists of two parts – the workshops and a Mathematics Trail where the students get to explore mathematical problems outdoors. During the two-day event, pupils will learn exciting mathematical ideas not usually covered in the secondary school mathematics syllabus, and gain mathematical understanding, skills, and confidence from mathematics professors and experts. They will also have the opportunity to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge in solving real-world problems at the Mathematic Trail. The range of activities at the event will prepare them for a possible career in Mathematics or Science, or simply serve as an extension of their interest for the subject. In addition, the pupils will get a chance to meet friends and learn from those who share mutual interests and purposes.

Target Group

Selected Secondary 2 SBGE pupils