Science Talent Development Camp

[for selected pupils]


The aim of the Science Talent Development Camp is to cater to the interests and abilities of GEP pupils who are highly able in Science through the learning of advanced science concepts.


This is an annual two-day camp co-organised by the Gifted Education Branch and Dunman High School for selected Primary 6 GEP pupils who show strong interest in and aptitude for Science. This camp challenges pupils who are talented in Science through the learning of advanced scientific concepts beyond the primary Science curriculum, and hands-on laboratory work.

The pupils will be given opportunities to work on scientific investigations in well-equipped laboratories that are usually available only in secondary schools. They will undertake a series of mini-investigative projects designed to sharpen their laboratory skills and grow their capacity for critical, caring and creative thinking.

The GEP pupils also have the opportunity to interact and learn together with like-minded peers from the different GEP centres.

Target Group

Selected Primary 6 GEP pupils with strong interest in and aptitude for Science