Primary Science Masterclass



The Primary Science Masterclass aims to extend P5 GEP pupils’ learning in Science beyond the classroom by encouraging pupil-initiated inquiry into real-world applications of Science. It also aims to provide opportunities for pupils demonstrating a keen interest and high ability in Science to interact with like-minded pupils from different schools.


The Primary Science Masterclass is an out-of-class activity, jointly organised by Gifted Education Branch and the NUS High School for Mathematics and Science (NUSHS). It will be conducted at NUSHS and comprises two phases.

In Phase 1, pupils will attend workshops in Semester 1. Through lectures, tutorials and laboratory work, pupils will be exposed to advanced content in areas such as research methodology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, as well as computational thinking and data analysis. Content knowledge and skills gained will form the basis of pupils' research projects.

In Phase 2, pupils will meet teacher-mentors weekly at NUSHS in Semester 2. During these weekly 2-hour sessions, the pupils will design and conduct science investigations in groups of three. At the end of Phase 2, pupils will prepare a poster to present their findings to their peers and teacher-mentors.

Target Group

Selected Primary 5 GEP pupils with an aptitude for Science and an interest in seeking answers through designing and conducting science investigations