Primary Mathematics Masterclass

[for selected pupils]


The aim of the Primary Mathematics Masterclass is to challenge pupils who have demonstrated exceptional ability in Mathematics by exposing them to topics beyond those covered in the GEP Primary Mathematics curriculum. In addition, the pupils will be exposed to the thinking that is characteristic of a mathematician and learn to communicate mathematical ideas fluently. The Masterclass will also provide them with opportunities to interact with a group of peers to discuss mathematical ideas.


The Masterclass, organised by the Gifted Education Branch, is held over three days in the June holidays. Based on results in a selection test, about 30 Primary 5 pupils from the 9 primary GEP schools will be selected to attend the Masterclass.

At the Masterclass, pupils will be exposed to advanced mathematics concepts in areas like Number Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics. There will be an emphasis on developing problem-solving skills through interesting and challenging problems.

After the Masterclass, some pupils will be selected to participate in the Primary Mathematics Masterclass Mentorship. This programme aims to further develop participants’ interest and talent in Mathematics. Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by a mathematician and do research in Mathematics. The selection of participants for the mentorship programme will be based on their interest as well as learning attitude observed during the Masterclass.

Target Group

Selected Primary 5 GEP pupils and pupils who have high ability in Mathematics.