Mathematics Trail (GEP)


The aim of the Mathematics Trail is to provide opportunities for pupils to apply mathematical skills to solve real-life problems. Through complementing the content of Mathematics taught in the classroom, the Trail hopes to help pupils develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Mathematics in everyday situations.


The Mathematics Trail is a school-based activity that is conducted after the year-end examination. The activity is usually conducted within the school compound, school neighbourhood, or at various parks or places of interest such as Sentosa and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Mathematics Trail provides a good opportunity for pupils to experience the relevance of Mathematics in real life. It emphasises skills such as estimation and mental calculation. Furthermore, it debunks the myth that Mathematics is all about formulae and precise answers, and that it only involves doing “sums” with paper and pen.

At the Trail, pupils will use creative thinking skills to design feasible methods of solving real-life problems. They will also employ mathematical skills to make good estimates of the measurements needed.

Target Group

Primary 5 GEP pupils