Mathematics Modelling Challenge

[for selected pupils]


The Mathematical Modelling Challenge aims to encourage pupils;

  • To make connections between Mathematics and real-world problems, and in doing so, to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Mathematics;
  • To develop mathematical modelling skills such as making assumptions in ambiguous problems and reflecting on the reasonableness of answers; and
  • To hone their mathematical communication skills.


The Mathematical Modelling Challenge is a full-day event that is held during the June school holidays.

During the Challenge, pupils work on a mathematical modelling task in teams under the guidance of teacher facilitators. Pupils learn to formulate mathematical model(s) for a complex real-world problem, solve it using appropriate mathematical concepts, and check their solutions and assumptions. Besides opportunities for the application of problem solving and reasoning skills in authentic contexts, pupils will also be able to discuss mathematical ideas with their peers and teacher facilitators.

At the end of the Challenge, pupils present their work to their peers and a panel of judges. This allows them to obtain feedback and exchange mathematical ideas.

Target Group

Selected Primary 6 GEP pupils with keen interest and aptitude in Mathematics