Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Class

[for selected pupils]


The aim of the Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Classes is to provide enriching learning experiences beyond the core curriculum to pupils with exceptional abilities in Mathematics. The Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Classes encourage the pupils to explore broader and deeper mathematical concepts, and allow the pupils to focus their energies on enriched and advanced work in Mathematics over an extended period of time.


The 2-hour long classes are conducted outside curriculum time once a week. The advanced concepts that are taught in these classes complement the core content covered during curriculum time.

Pupils who have demonstrated even higher ability will be selected to participate in Mathematics competitions such as the RI Primary Mathematics World Contest, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and National Mathematics Olympiad of Singapore.

In the Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Classes, pupils will be exposed to various challenging advanced mathematical problems. They will discuss and examine these advanced mathematical concepts in greater breadth and depth, and learn different and efficient problem-solving strategies to tackle problems.

Target Group

Selected Primary 5 and 6 GEP pupils who are mathematically precocious