Registering Courses

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Registered schools that wish to conduct new courses, apart from the ones registered with MOE previously, are required to submit their applications via LicenceOne. Please note that the application should be made by an existing member of the private school's Committee of Management. Before doing the online application, please ensure that the following steps are carried out:

  • read the information on this web-page thoroughly
  • prepare the supporting documents
  • registration of new course(s) is/are to be submitted concurrently with application of teacher(s) to teach the new course(s). Failure to do so may result in return of application or delay in the processing of your application. For information on registering teachers, you can refer to

Note: In order for us to process your application promptly, a maximum of 10 courses would be processed per application via LicenceOne. A complete application with all the necessary documents will be processed within 2 weeks. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will result in a delay of processing time. The school can offer and publicise its courses only after completion of registration with MOE.

Online Submission

Please select “Amend Existing Licence” and choose “Ministry of Education” as the Government Agency when seeking application via LicenceOne. For more information on the online application, please refer to the guide at

Supporting Documents

Please prepare the following supporting documents prior to logging online:

1. Course Write-up (if it is not a tuition course or following MOE-syllabus)

  1. Title [to be short/simple]
  2. Origin of the course/Examination (Test) prepared for [e.g. professional body (ACCA), examination authority (LCCI, NCC, TOEFL, SAT), school-based, etc]
  3. Aims & Objectives/Expected Outcomes [including value or ‘worth’ or equivalence of certification, especially where the course originates from the school itself]
  4. Target Students/Admission Requirements [e.g. persons with little or no knowledge of the subject, non-speakers of the language; by academic qualifications, age, etc]
  5. Course Syllabus/Content [state details including topics, areas to be taught, etc]
  6. Total Course Duration/Weekly Instruction Hours (time-table) [e.g. 1 year, 6 months]
  7. Fees [state monthly tuition/instruction fees, registration fee; minimum and maximum size of each class or group]

2. Original hand-signed hardcopy Form RC (Summary of Course Particulars)

Download Form RC

All hardcopy supporting documents are to be mailed to

Private Schools Section,
Ministry of Education

1 North Buona Vista Drive,
Singapore 138675

Upon approval of the application in LicenceOne and the successful completion of all necessary administrative procedures (including payment of registration fees to LicenceOne), the conduct of course letter will be issued by MOE. Payment of registration fee to LicenceOne should be made within the grace period of 90 days upon approval. After 90 days, if no payment is received, your application will be deemed withdrawn voluntarily by you. You will then need to re-apply.

For technical assistance in LicenceOne, you may email to Alternatively, you can call 6774 1430 from 8am-8pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8am-2pm on Saturdays.