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Transition to Primary One

Preparing your child for Primary One can be an exciting journey. As parents, you can make the whole new experience of learning new things and making friends a meaningful one for your child.

Watch the “Transition to Primary One” video on how you can help your child transit to Primary One.

Choosing a Primary School

View our “Choosing a Primary School” video and infographic to find out more about the factors for parents to consider when choosing a primary school for their child.


Primary Education consists of a 4-year foundation stage from Primary 1 to 4 and a 2-year orientation stage from Primary 5 to 6. The overall aim of primary education is to give students a good grasp of English language, Mother Tongue and Mathematics.

Fast Facts

  • 6 years of compulsory education
  • No school fees
    Standard miscellaneous fees1:$6.50
    Second-tier miscellaneous fees2:$6.50
  • Subject-based Banding allows students to offer a mix of standard and foundation subjects, depending on their strengths
  • National examination: Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)
  • Students are encouraged to participate in Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and Community Involvement Programmes (CIP)

Payment of School Fees

Parents can pay the fees through the following ways:

  1. Join the GIRO scheme

  2. Pay via AXS

    • AXS e-Station [internet] (eNETS / Mastercard / Masterpass / PayLah!)

    • AXS m-Station [mobile app] – by selecting “eServices”, followed by “MOE” (eNETS / Mastercard / Masterpass / PayLah!)

    • At any AXS Stations by selecting “Education”, followed by “MOE” (NETS). To locate the nearest AXS Station, please visit

  3. Pay at their child’s school (cash, cheque or cashier’s order)

  4. Pay at MOE’s Customer Service Centre (cash, cheque or NETS)

  5. Send a cheque payable to "Ministry Of Education" to
    Ministry of Education, Finance & Procurement Division, Cashier’s Unit
    1 North Buona Vista Drive, MOE Building,
    Singapore 138675.

Please write the student's name, NRIC number and school name on the reverse side of the cheque.

More information can be found on our frequently asked questions on school fees.

Singaporean students who wish to pay their second-tier miscellaneous fees and autonomous school fees (if applicable) from their Edusave account may sign up for Edusave Standing Order.

The Edusave Standing Order application form is available from the school or can be downloaded here. Completed application form is to be submitted to the school.

GIRO Matters

Parents who wish to change their GIRO account can go to their banks to effect the change directly. If parents wish to effect the change of GIRO account through MOE, they are to submit the Termination Form together with the new GIRO Application Form to MOE.

For termination of GIRO arrangement, parents can effect the termination at their banks or make the request through MOE by submitting the Termination Form.

Financial Assistance Scheme

Financial assistance schemes are available to help needy students pay their fees. Parents who wish to apply for financial assistance may approach their child’s school for the application form. You can also download the Financial Assistance Scheme Application Form. All application forms must be submitted.

Primary One Registration

Information on Primary One Registration Exercise.

Learn more about your child's education journey by reading our booklet on Primary School Education (3.4mb .pdf). Help us to better communicate with you by sharing your views of the Primary School Education booklet in our survey.

Watch our “First Week of P1” video to see what our children experience in their first week of primary school.


  1. Annual fee payable is spread over 12 months of the academic year. Students who join on or before 5th February will have to pay fees for January. Those who leave on or after 5th October will have to pay fees for November and December.
  2. Second-tier miscellaneous fees are decided by schools. The maximum amount they can charge is 100% of the standard miscellaneous fee rates. Students may apply to use their Edusave accounts to pay the second-tier miscellaneous fees. You can download the Edusave Standing Order Form and submit it to the school.