Frequently Asked Questions

Construction and Safety

  1. If my child belongs to a school that remains on-site while construction work is being carried out, what efforts will be taken to ensure safety and minimal disruptions to school activities?

    Access to the construction site will be separated from the usual access to the school grounds. Construction work will be restricted to certain hours and will stop completely during school examinations and major functions. Noisy construction activities like piling will also be carried out during the school holidays where possible.

Pupil Transfer

  1. If my child belongs to a school that has to relocate, will my child be allowed to transfer to a nearer school because the new school is further from my home?

    We expect all pupils in affected schools to move together to the new school. Parents who do not wish for their children to follow the relocated school can approach the school of their choice directly to seek a school transfer. Alternatively, parents may approach the Customer Service Centre (CSC) in MOE for assistance. School transfer is subject to the availability of vacancies at the academic level and course, where applicable, for transfer at the point of application.

School Matters

  1. Will my child need to buy new uniforms and textbooks for the new school?

    1. If your child’s school is being upgraded or rebuilt, your child will not have to buy new uniforms or new textbooks.
    2. If your child’s school is to be merged with another school, the merged school will decide whether it needs a new uniform to establish it's new identity. If a new uniform is needed, a grace period will be given to pupils to purchase the new uniform. As far as possible, there will be minimal changes where school textbooks are concerned. Pupils who require financial assistance may approach their respective schools.
  2. My child needs to take a school bus to the new school. How can I make the necessary arrangements?

    The school will provide the necessary information on school bus operators before the school term ends so that parents are given sufficient time to make the transport arrangements with the school bus operators directly.

  3. Does my child needs to change the School Smart Card (SSC) if the school merges with another school?

    No, there is no need to change the SSC as the card could still be used for the concessionary travel on public transport and both at the public and school libraries.

Primary One Registration

  1. Will my child continue to enjoy the same priority for Primary 1 registration in the merged/relocated school?

    If your child is eligible for Primary 1 registration in Phase 1, 2A(1), 2A(2) or 2B in the present school, he/she will continue to enjoy the same priority for registration in the merged/relocated school.

  2. If a school has to move, which site will be used as the reference point to determine distance from my home for the Primary 1 registration?

    1. If the school relocates because of a merger or because it has a new site, the new site of the school will be used to determine the distance. This is provided the expected date of completion of the new school building falls between 1 July of the current year to 30 June of the following year.
    2. If the school moves to a holding school while waiting for its present site to be upgraded or rebuilt, the present site and not the holding site of the school will be used to determine the distance.
  3. How will the merger of schools affect the registration of younger siblings for places in Primary 1?

    There will be sufficient places in the new merged schools for younger siblings of current students of affected schools.