Expected Facilities

IT Facilities

  • Additional computer laboratories
  • New IT resource rooms
  • IT networking for the whole school
  • Bigger classrooms
  • Bigger media resource library camera

Other Facilities

  • New health & fitness room camera
  • Bigger staff room
  • New Pastoral Care room camera

    The Pastoral Care Room is provided to meet the following objectives of the Pastoral Care and Counselling Programme:

    1. To build pupils’ self-esteem and increase their self awareness;
    2. To equip pupils with basic lifeskills;
    3. To equip teachers to be more supportive of pupils through building a trusting relationship; and
    4. To create a caring school environment in which the pupils can grow self-confidence and learn the importance of responsibility to oneself and the group.
  • Bigger Technology Room for Secondary Schools

    A room for designing works and other forms of technology eg mechanisms, structures and pneumatics and Micro Computing in Design & Technology lessons. In addition, the room is used for conducting Electrical/Electronics (E/E) instructional programme and fabrication of E/E coursework.