Integration with SLS

Collaborators looking to integrate their applications with the Student Learning Space (SLS) can consider Application Development Framework (ADF) integration or apply for Sandbox testing accounts to find out more about SLS features.

SLS Pitch Day
We organised a Pitch Day in September 2021 for interested companies and agencies to understand more about SLS’s latest developments, plans and user needs. It was also an opportunity for companies and agencies to pitch their solutions. See the featured presentations here.
The SLS welcomes companies and agencies which can enhance users’ learning experiences through apps and platforms in the following areas to contact us:

1. EdTech solutions, including:
  • Tools that provide specialised and supporting functions to existing SLS features.
  • Text-to-speech, speech-to-text and speech evaluation tools.
  • Resource and media management tools.
  • AI-enabled adaptive learning systems.
  • AI-enabled automated marking system (specifically a Grammatical Error Correction system) and other e-assessment solutions.
2. Synergistic services for:

  • Curriculum and resource development.
  • Character and values development of students.
  • Professional development and onboarding.
  • Operations technology support.
  • Data management and visualisation.
Companies or agencies that are interested to integrate with the SLS can approach:

Developing resources

If you are interested to develop resources for the SLS, or to find out more about its latest features and capabilities, you can apply for an SLS Sandbox account.

The SLS Sandbox environment is a mirror of the SLS production environment. It enables Sandbox account holders to explore SLS features.

Integration of existing products

Companies and agencies can integrate their solutions with the SLS via SLS’s existing Application Development Framework (ADF).

ADF offers different ways and levels of integration. Once integrated, partner solutions like single sign-on and data exchange can be accessed by SLS users as part of a seamless teaching and learning experience.

Find out more about SLS’s ADF application specifications.

Contact us

For clarifications, you can contact the SLS Partnerships Team.