Emergency Preparedness

The Ministry of Education places great emphasis on the safety and security of students and staff. We have in place procedures to respond to and take appropriate measures corresponding to the severity and extent of the local and overseas emergency or crisis.

Readiness to Respond to an Emergency or Crisis

All schools have a School Emergency Structure to deal with emergencies to respond, recover and restore the situation back to normalcy. Our teachers are trained to assume specific roles and responsibilities during emergencies, from first-aid, search, trauma management, evacuation, and handling of casualties. School leaders conduct regular briefings and/or meetings with their staff to review and improve their emergency procedures and processes.

School leaders, staff and students take part in regular emergency training exercises to practise how to handle emergency situations in the school, including security incidents. The Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force are also involved in such training exercises and drills, and there is a robust relationship between the schools and the communities for effective collaboration in emergency responses.

Whole-of-Government Effort

The effective collaboration in emergency responses is a whole-of-government effort. The Ministry and schools take guidance from the respective ministries and government agencies in our planning and response towards any emergency and crisis.

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Who to Contact in an Emergency or Crisis

In an emergency or crisis, parents/guardians who wish to find out more information should approach the affected school directly. The contact information of mainstream schools in Singapore can be found in the School Information Service website (sis.moe.gov.sg).