School-Home Partnerships through PSGs booth - 2014

Home-school partnership through parent-support-group

Parent Support Group (PSG) members from Rivervale Primary School and Pasir Ris Secondary School share what it is like for Every Parent to be a Supportive Partner.

The two schools collaborated on an exhibition featuring the importance of Home-School Partnership and how schools may work with parents for the benefit of students.

Visitors to the exhibition were treated to an array of activities that the PSGs were involved in. For instance, parents helped chaperone young pupils from Rivervale Primary School on their night field trip to ensure their utmost safety, while families from Pasir Ris Secondary School came together in a community project as parents and children worked alongside one another to paint a lodge for the elderly.

PSG members from both schools were also present at the booth to share their personal stories with the public and demonstrate balloon-sculpturing and napkin origami skills.