School-Home Partnerships through PSGs booth - 2013

Exhibition and Sharing on School-Home Partnerships through Parent Support Groups in Primary Schools

Home-school partnership through parent-support-group

Parent Support Group members from Cedar Primary, Loyang Primary and Tampines Primary Schools organised a sharing session and an exhibition documenting the life-cycle of a Parent Support Group: Getting Started, Maintaining Sustainability, and Moving Forward and Beyond. It focused on the importance of Home-School Partnership and how schools may work with Parent Support Groups to ensure that the pupils benefit with their support, as well as ensure that the Parent Support Groups continue to flourish and grow from strength to strength as a valued resource partner.

Photographs depicting the various stages that a Parent-Support Group goes through as part of a developmental process were exhibited. Visitors to the booth and attendees of the sharing session were be able to catch a glimpse of the activities that the parent volunteers are involved in to complement school curriculum. They were also treated to a wide array of activities that gave them ideas on various ways that help to start, sustain and grow a Parent Support Group.