Zhenghua Primary School

The Zhenghua Experience: Community Partnership@Bukit Panjang

In fulfilling the school’s vision and developing Zhenghua Primary School pupils to be of good character and a useful citizen, the school recognizes that strong partnership with strategic partners is a key approach in achieving her mission and goals.

The school adopts the fundamental philosophy that ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ and undertake the key approach in forging of a closer direct relationship with the Bukit Panjang Community through the Community Club and its Youth Executive Committee group. This close collaborative relationship is an imperative of the school to imbue in her pupils National Education values and a greater awareness of the Bukit Panjang community that they belong to.

Students performing at the Bukit Panjang Healthy Lifestyle Day

Through active engagement with the community it serves, the pupils learn to empathize with and are equipped to serve the neighbourhood and its residents whole-heartedly. Key strategic events like Bukit Panjang National Day Observance ceremony and festive celebrations, NW CDC efforts in promoting Healthy Living through Big Walks, Arts@Bukit Panjang and Zhenghua Open House and Bukit Panjang Racial Harmony Day cum Arts Festival are essential platforms that the school fully utilizes to ensure that pupils are provided with authentic learning experiences.

These experiences enable the pupils to understand the uniqueness of Singapore and develop a strong sense of pride and affection for their community and nation as a result.

Students packing goodies bags as part of their Community Involvement Programme

The school leverages on Community Involvement Programme (CIP) to develop traits of good citizenry and good character in pupils. Involvement and engagement through this programme inculcate in pupils the values of appreciating what they have, promote volunteerism and charity, where they want to give back to the community.

Such opportunities provide the pupils with enriching experiences in learning and take them beyond the confined walls of the classroom. They also enable the school to make learning for the children more authentic and meaningful. The key community events also enable our stakeholders, our parents to get intimately involved in the education of our children. These partnerships enable the school to provide unique learning experiences for the pupils and a quality education, at the same time, developing & nurturing a home-school & community partnerships.