White Sands Primary School

White Sands Primary School aims to be a vibrant school where character shines and talents soar. With the firm belief that “every child has unique talents and abilities that can be developed to his / her fullest potential if his /her emotional and physical needs are met”, the school involves all stakeholders and identified partners to develop every child fully.

In line with its strategic thrust of Effective Partnerships and through its Partnership Framework, the school builds a strong collaboration with three key stakeholders—parents, the school advisory committee (SAC) & alumni, and with the wider community to enhance the quality of its education to nurture character and talents.

The school believes that parents are a child’s first and enduring teachers who play the main role in nurturing the child. Children achieve more when the school and parents work together to provide a supportive environment for them.

To this end, the School Family Education Programme was launched in 2009 in partnership with Families For Tomorrow, a voluntary welfare organization. Parents are equipped and empowered in their parenting role through talks, workshops and hands-on activities to contribute more effectively to the development of their children.

Parent volunteers from the KidsRead programme

Parent Support Group (PSG) members are trained to assist in these programmes as facilitators. The PSG provides a caring environment for pupils from less advantaged backgrounds and enhances their learning through weekly programmes like the Learning Mentors, Reading Mums, Math Mums, KidsRead, etc. As a result of the active participation of the parent volunteers in the KidsRead programme, the school was presented with the “Friend of KidsRead” Award by the National Library Board.

Parents and students exervising during Healthy Lifestyle Day

In addition, PSG members play an active role in National Education through their participation in school events like the National Day Celebration, Racial Harmony Day, Healthy Lifestyle Family Day and the School Emergency Exercise. Parents also provide assistance to teachers on a needs basis, for example when preparing for the SYF and as chaperones for learning journeys.

The SAC members support talent development efforts through their financial contribution and networking. Through a member’s recommendation, pupils from the Infocomm Club received free training in the use of an IT software, enabling them to participate and win an award at a national competition. Another member who has a passion for Robotics contributed a playfield for the Robotics Club.

Leadership development session for the alumni

The WSPS Alumni, formed in 2007, has added vibrancy to the school through its involvement in events management, CCA training and camp facilitation. The Alumni furthers the school’s mission “to nurture caring hearts, creative minds and confident individuals” by providing opportunities for alumni members to contribute to the community, in this case, their alma mata. Leadership training is provided to the members to help them to be more effective in their contribution.

The school also leverages on its partnerships with the wider community in its character and talent development efforts. Key partners with whom the school collaborates regularly are the Pasir Ris East Constituency, Temasek Polytechnic, City Community Services, the National Library Board and Mercy Relief. Through the school’s involvement with the community, opportunities are afforded for pupils to enrich their learning, showcase their talents, help the less fortunate and develop their leadership potential.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This is certainly true in White Sands where every stakeholder and partner’s efforts count.