Temasek Primary School

Temasek Primary views partners as important links between school, home, community and external organizations to enrich the learning experiences of the pupils, staff and school. Building quality engagement and enhancing collaborative partnerships with its key stakeholders are the school’s key focus areas and this is evident in its adoption of one of the school’s cooperate value, ‘Partners Our Links’. The School Leaders and staff place much emphasis on school-stakeholders synergistic partnerships as such partnerships help the school in its aspirations to realize its vision of ‘Every Life Enriched’.

The school’s strong open culture of communication and its approach in building relationships has helped in enhancing and sustaining the collaborative partnerships. With the school’s belief in engaging parents and the community as collaborative partners in education, the school has successfully embarked on meaningful collaborative programmes and projects that have impacted the learning and development of both its pupils and teachers.

Parent volunteers helping out at a carnival

Parents are critical partners in the education of the pupils and hence the school makes every effort to ensure that the school culture promotes, welcomes and appreciates the interactions and involvement of parents. The school has in place the ParentsConnection Committee (PCC). It helps with the recruitment of parent volunteers for the varied school activities. The PCC and parent volunteers are instrumental in working collaboratively with the school in the two biannual community projects known as ‘Colours of Life’ and Temasek Magicland. The PCC spearheads recruitment of parent volunteers in designing and customizing the character education curriculum for the P1 and P3 levels known as VOICE & SPARKS. The members in the PCC conceptualized the School Family Education Programme to meet the needs of the parents. With the effort of garnering the support of the P6 parents and SAC, the PCC worked collaboratively in encouraging parents to write words of encouragement for the P6 pupils to motivate them in their PSLE and organized the Breakfast Project during the duration of the PSLE examinations.

Alumni members assisting in CCA

The school’s SAC provide support to pupil welfare and they generate good suggestions and support school programmes. They initiated the special academic and CCA awards, the long service award and the Temasek Innovation Awards for staff. The school receives good consultative services in its conduct of its innovative curriculum, ‘The Learning Tapestry’, from a member of the SAC. The school’s Alumni members have provided much support and assistance in the CCA areas.

To enhance the school’s curriculum, it leverages on the partnerships with NIE, CPDD, NTU, Science Centre, EZ Science Exploria and Singapore Japanese School. The partnerships have impacted the school and taken it to greater heights. Staff members were provided with opportunities to be engaged in innovative pedagogies and to enhance the learning experiences of the pupils.