Tanjong Katong Secondary School

TK Partnerships Efforts

At TK, we believe that education is the shared responsibility of the student, parents, family, school and the community. The success of our students and their development depend, to a large extent, on the ability of the School to build strong and meaningful partnerships with parents and the community, thereby tapping into the resources of these stakeholders in order to enrich the quality of education offered.

Group photo of alumni from the Class of 1999

TK’s partnership vision is “The Power of We: Nurturing Aspirations through Partnerships”. We aim to harness the resources of our partners to work strategically and synergistically with the School, towards nurturing the potential and aspirations of each TKsian. This was established following a systemic review of the School’s partnership processes to better support the school direction “TK 2012—Forging Ahead, Achieving Breakthroughs”, and the actualisation of the TK Curriculum, which aims to develop the desired outcomes of the TK Graduate and to achieve what the School has set out in her new Vision over the next five years.

We build quality relationships with our partners through a myriad of formal and informal activities, such as school functions and social networking events. We adopt a two-way communication process with partners in achieving the dual objectives of conveying school needs and ascertaining the needs of our partners for a synergistic partnership. The school ensures that her partnerships impact a broad spectrum of activities in the general flow of school life and the efforts are integrated with the TK Curriculum Framework.

Ice cream treat provided by parents from the Parent Support Group

School Leaders, through the School’s Strategic Planning processes, instituted “Stakeholders as Strategic Partners” as one of the school’s Strategic Thrusts. The school adopts a “Tight-Loose” approach to purposeful collaboration with her partners. The approach is “Tight” in aligning partnership processes to the strategic plan. This ensures that proper cascading takes place to the action plans. The approach is “Loose” in terms of allowing for grounds-up ideas in promoting and expanding partnerships and collaboration.

The School conducts reviews regularly, both at the programme and systems level. Through these reviews, TK has seen improvements in the processes and her relationships with the various partners have grown tremendously as a result, being stronger as it stands today. TK is widely sought after by other schools to share these well-documented processes. Through the process of sharing, we have also learnt useful tips from our colleagues.

With strong synergistic partnerships, TK is well-poised to nurture aspirations and maximise the potential of our students, and to achieve her Vision of being a leader in providing value-adding, all-round and global-oriented education.