Tampines Primary School

Tampines Primary School (TPS) was established in 1986. Today the school has an enrolment of 1100. Located in the heartland of Tampines, the school attracts pupils from the surrounding housing estates. The proximity of the school to the neighbourhood allows for greater involvement of parents and community partners. Having undergone PRIME, the school was re-built at the original site, becoming the first community school in 2010.

Students and parent volunteers preparing food together

Partnership has always been a core strategy for the school in achieving its mission, vision and values (MVV). Tampines Primary School firmly believes in fostering strong bonds with various stakeholders in order to help our pupils learn better and reach their fullest potential. In the TPS Business Model, Partnership is featured as one of the keys to achieving the school’s mission, vision and values. To engage parents (the school’s key partners), the school adopts the guiding principle “Every parent is a supportive and valued partner in nurturing pupils”. Over the years, with the anchor support of the School Advisory Committee, more partners were involved, e.g. community partners, MOE and our cluster schools, external organisations and the school Alumni.

The school has formed a Partnership Committee since 2007 with the objectives of sourcing for key partners, identifying school programmes based on strategic thrusts, and monitoring and reviewing the partnerships. It is headed by HOD/MT with the EXCO providing the direction and feedback. A Partnership Action Plan is drawn up every year to manage the partnership strategic plans and activities.

The school’s Partnership Framework adopts the approach represented by “PIECE”, which stands for:

  • Promote—To promote the importance of Partnership, identify needs both internally as well as externally, and provide the school a chance to market and promote itself;
  • Invite—To invite participation by potential partners and formation of meaningful partnership;
  • Engage and Collaborate—To provide platforms for mutual long term collaboration and engagement;
  • Enrich—To bring about mutual benefits for the school and the partners.

Through our journey with the school partners, we affirm that the key to authentic collaborations lies in the mutual appreciation of diversity as well as a deep sense of shared responsibility by all parties concerned. With the school being the first community school, TPS will continue to build strong ties with our key partners and grow the collaborative relationship in order to sustain the desired outcomes of giving our pupils a holistic education, ready for the 21st century.