Singapore Chinese Girls’ School


SCGS is a privileged 111-year institution because of a strong home-school-community partnership culture. Integral to school success is a shared sense of passion and belonging among its community in realizing the vision of developing capable women of character and relevance who are assets to their community. This vision emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the school and the community and sets the backdrop for reciprocity.

Collaborative Culture and Communication

A strong underlying philosophy that governs decision-making in the school is the belief that our partners are our strengths. They are a seamless part of the school structure and as a group, a reliable and indispensable team member, and we consciously and pervasively engage them. The Parent Support Group (PSG) and Alumni sit on various school committees led by School Leaders to draw up action plans for collaboration. Pupils also initiate collaboration with the community. To promote open communication between the school and partners, SCGS provides partners with multiple channels for feedback and communication. The emphasis on collaborative partnership has fostered a warm and enduring working relationship among partners and school as we work in teams to achieve mutual goals.

Purposeful Collaboration

To achieve school goals and for mutual benefit, the school ensures support for collaboration with its key partners through strategic planning, deployment of human, physical and financial resources and evaluation.

  • The SCGS Alumni

    The school-Alumni partnership is integral to the success of both the school and nation. Besides providing rich resource and expertise, the strong Alumni network of outstanding women leaders role-model school values and mentor students in both academic and leadership development programmes. They reinforce school philosophy, vision and values that promote active citizenry by working closely with School Leaders in strategic planning, formulation of policies and provision of expertise on staff management and financial control systems. The Alumni also supports the school with physical and financial resources, expertise and their presence at school events and projects. The Alumni’s involvement and strong support ensure that with each generation of pupils, school traditions and culture are sustained and strengthened.

  • Parents Support Group

    A strong home-school partnership is essential for pupils’ effective social-emotional and Character and Leadership Excellence development. School Leaders work closely with the PSG Leader and Group Representatives to ensure alignment of the PSG programme with school strategic thrusts and goals during review meetings. Within the PSG structure is an inherent leadership renewal process. The structure allows for a wide range of involvement, giving more parents opportunities for participation based on interest and expertise.

  • Extensive Links with the Wider Community

    SCGS deliberately seeks and harnesses resources from its extensive links to realise its vision while contributing to the wider community. The expertise, training and exposure gained through key partnership programmes with business, industry, charitable and government organizations give pupils the relevant industry and practical exposure and the lifeskills necessary to be world-ready leaders. To cultivate servant leadership, the school collaborates extensively with local and overseas schools and community groups where best practices are benchmarked and cultural accommodation and understanding enhanced.

Sustainability in Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with stakeholders are driven by structures and processes that ensure sustainability. These focus on maintaining relevance, giving recognition and in-built renewal processes. The school values its partners’ contributions in various ways. The success and sense of fulfilment experienced by partners is the best reward and motivation to sustainable partnership efforts.


SCGS is proud of its successful collaboration with its partners and is firmly committed to growing synergistic relationships with its partners to nurture every SCGS girl to become a quality world-ready leader of tomorrow.