Rulang Primary School

Rulang Primary’s vision—A Gallery of Scholars, A Vibrant Community of Wholesome Individuals—outlines the school’s aspiration in engaging our stakeholders and the community to build an innovative and forward-looking learning environment to support our pupils to succeed to the best of their individual ability in the different educational domains. The school strongly believes that partnerships should be responsive to partner’s needs and supportive towards the realization of our strategic plan.

Rulang continuously seeks to promote and sustain collaboration with our partners by building on a culture of team synergy and trust. Integral to sustaining a culture of collaboration is open communication between school and our partners. The school’s philosophy, vision, mission, core values and strategic plan are communicated to our partners and their feedback sought through multiple channels. This has helped forge a better understanding and gain constructive feedback for school improvements.

Our partnership with the School Advisory Committee and Alumni Association has been sustained for more than a decade. They have been instrumental in contributing to the school’s progress from a village school to a school of excellence. Besides providing scholarships and bursaries to motivate our pupils’ strive for excellence, they provide financial and expertise support for our leadership, citizenship and talent development programmes. In addition, they work with school leaders to create new opportunities for pupils to realize their potential in academic subjects, robotics, sports, visual and performing arts annually. Through their selfless contribution back to their alma mater and society, they have served as good role models for our pupils to emulate.

The Parents Support Group plays a pivotal role in engaging our existing parents in programmes such as Career Education Seminars which helped our pupils understand the demands and expectations of various careers. The school collaborates with the MCYS to launch the School Family Education (SFE) Programme to promote family well-being and parenting effectiveness. This has enabled strong bonds to be forged within the families as well as with the school.

The school involves the local community in educating our pupils. Since 2008, as part of the sensory trail project during our annual walkathon, we have partnered JTC to create opportunities for our pupils to enhance the Garden of Fragrance in the Chinese Garden by constructing information labels on the plants. The plan to launch an information website on heritage trees found in the Chinese Garden is in the pipeline. As a Centre of Excellence in Robotics, Rulang also established sustained partnership with foreign universities and schools since 2006, to carry out research projects on how robotics can enhance teaching and learning. We share the findings with other schools through action research papers and workshops. Rulang has also partnered LEGO Education and Science Centre to co-host the LEGO conference annually since 2008.

The school values our partners and creates platforms to recognize them. Besides notes of appreciation, partners are also presented with plaques by Ministers who graced our Annual Speech and Prize Presentation Day and Alumni Reunion Dinner.