Riverside Secondary School

At Riverside Secondary, we strongly believe in a collaborative work culture whereby a purposeful partnership process is put in place to facilitate opportunities for holistic development of our students and create an environment for community and global awareness. In line with the school’s strategic thrust of Developing Collaborative Partnership, the School Leaders set the direction and champion the partnership effort through their direct engagement, allocating necessary resources and involving Key Personnel to serve as point of contact in committees formed for the various stakeholders.

Alumni members at the Alumni Advisor Corner

As our internal partners, the School Advisory Committee (SAC), Parent Support Group (PSG) and Alumni play a pivotal role in partnering the school in the realization of the desired outcomes of education. Envisioning and action planning sessions are conducted at the beginning of each year for alignment with the school’s directions and goals. With a clear focus on promoting student success and partnership gains, activities are planned and factored into a comprehensive partnership programme which entails collaborative projects amongst the internal partners. The school practices open and clear communication with our partners through regular meetings, emails, school publications and involvement in key school events. Web pages are also dedicated on our school portal for updates on our internal partners.

The noteworthy contributions of our SAC include tapping on their network to support the school’s niche development in dances and national education and linking up external organizations to provide students with career talks and industrial attachments and staff with learning journeys as well as sponsorship for student awards in support of the school’s character and citizenship programmes. Our PSG actively supports the MCYS-sponsored School Family Education (SFE) Programme. In addition to organizing talks and seminars for various segments of students including selected at-risk groups, they also involve parents to man the Evening Academy for graduating students and to raise funds for needy students.

Our Alumni manages the school’s BP Mentoring Programme in collaboration with British Petroleum and Ngee Ann Polytechnic for selected at-risk students. On Saturdays, the Alumni members will coach the students in their academic work and build their confidence and team spirit through games. The alumni members also serve as Adult Helpers and instructors in various CCA groups and give motivational talks to students.

In creating more learning opportunities for our staff and students, the school also stepped up its local and overseas collaborations. Our external local partners include the N5 Cluster schools, various branches in Ministry of Education, higher educational institutions and the National Environment Agency, to name a few. Our overseas partners include schools in China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan.

Distribution of food to needy families

As a school in the Woodlands heartland, Riverside Secondary actively collaborates with Woodlands CC, North-West CDC and Woodlands Regional Library for our students to serve and contribute to the community, for example, through public dance performances, reading programmes for the kindergarten children in PCF centres and canned food donations to the needy families in Woodlands.

Over the years, the school develops and strengthens its relationship with the key partners; and explores innovative ways to engage them towards purposeful partnership. For we believe that with the continued support of our distinguished partners, we can achieve ‘Our Best and More’ (School Motto).