Presbyterian High School

At PHS, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our staff, the Board Members, the Church, parents, Alumni and other stakeholders are more than a collection of individuals. We bring together our skills and our commitment to the task of moulding our students to be promise-keepers, hope-builders and servant-leaders worthy of God and Man. We believe that as Team PHS, our shared vision will make great things happen.”—Mr Lim Yan Hock, Principal.

Our Mission in developing every individual as a total person worthy of God and man reiterates our commitment in forging a seamless partnership between the school, our partners and the community. Our key partners—School Management Board (SMB), Alumni, Parent Support Group (PSG), Churches, Institutions of Higher Learning and industries, are integral in advancing our school’s strategic goals and in servicing our community. Through these partnerships, we leverage on the knowledge and resources inherent in our partners to ensure that our pupils are exposed to opportunities to learn and experience the privilege to serve and be active citizens of the nation.

Member of the School Management Board

Our School Management Board ensures that they are effective in addressing the strategic goals of the school and contributing to the development of the staff and students. SMB seeks funding to optimise opportunities for our school financial assistance scheme, student scholarship awards and fund raising efforts, the recent completed project being our Indoor Sports Hall. The time thus created for our teachers to focus on the academic performance of their students has subsequently contributed to the increase in the Work-Life Balance Index of the 2009 MOE School Climate Survey as against that of 2007.

The love for their alma mater has seen our alumni’s enthusiasm and commitment of the holistic development of our students especially in the uniform groups and CCAs. They partner our teachers in mentoring our students in the uniform groups, CCAs, competitions and running of adventure camps, local and beyond. Our alumni’s unwavering commitment in our CCAs has enabled us to sustain our SAA (Uniformed Group; 10th award), SAA (Sports; 4th award) and our first SAA (Aesthetics) in 2010. Their constant presence in school events and their continued quality service typify the internalisation of our school’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Students buying food during a Parent HugS event

PSG provides support for school programmes and has since 2009 been helping to coordinate events such as the Teachers’ Day celebration and Loi Hei and festival vouchers for needy students. To provide another channel of communication to parents, PSG blog was initiated by PSG in 2009. The blog highlights school events that require parental involvement and publishes information on the happenings in school. This new media has enabled PSG to elicit more parental involvement as well as provide timely information to parents and help strengthen partnership with the school. In 2010, Parents HugS, a termly treat event has been successful in conveying to the students that their parents love them. Students responded their appreciation with notes of appreciation and hugs. The treat, initiated by the Principal, was sponsored by a parent and coordinated by parents.

In fostering TEAM PHS, a tag name initiated by the Principal in 2009, the school provides opportunities for joint collaboration, interaction and relationship building amongst our main stakeholders; SMB, PSG, alumni and the church. The school ensures that partnerships are sustainable by maintaining open communication channels, and creating meaningful collaborations. Strategic resource management entails the need to ensure that our partners and the school experience mutual benefits and yield the desired outcomes. Regular assessments and reviews using surveys with stretch targets and milestones are used to guide us to identify gaps for continuous improvements and to affirm the programmes and activities that we have put in place in our partnership journey.