Monfort Junior School

Partnerships in Montfort Junior School

Students participating in community activities

Montfort Junior School (MJS) believes that developing strong partnerships is key to achieving the vision, mission and strategic thrusts of the school. One of the strategic thrusts is to have “strong partnerships with the community”. To do this, the school adopts a top-down and bottom-up approach in establishing partnerships with identified stakeholders from within the school, and the community within and beyond Singapore. These include the parents’ support group, school management committee and alumni.

The school’s strategic plans and workplans are developed to ensure that the partnerships are instrumental in the design and delivery of programmes that facilitate the achievement of the school’s vision, mission and goals. Such an approach enables the school to develop “A Man for Others”, contributing citizens that have a global outlook through active participation in school, and the local and global community.

Father and Son street soccer competition

The parents’ support group, Montfort Junior Parents’ Connection (MJPC) is a key partner. MJPC has established a well-defined structure for parent volunteers and emphasises the importance of the father’s role in the development of our pupils. This led to the establishment of the Father’s Wing which organises activities such as the Family Badminton Challenge, Father-Son Movie Night and Father-Son Street Soccer Competition, to encourage more fathers to get involved in their sons’ education.

These activities are strongly supported by parents and their success has been recognised by the Dads for Life movement. MJPC actively supports school programmes and organises many activities that promote family bonding. In 2004, the school embarked on the School Family Education programme which is now facilitated by parent volunteers.

The School Management Committee (SMC) and Montfort Alumni (MA) advise school leaders on matters related to Montfortian ethos and practices, and provide expertise to support various school programmes and initiatives. Significant support is shown in the provision of scholarships to pupils with talent in Badminton to raise the standard of this niche sport in the school. Various awards and sponsorships for staff and pupils are given to recognise contributions and promote excellence in achieving school goals.

Posing for a photo during the Hair for Hope event

Community partners include Montfort Secondary School (MSS) and Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). Through assembly talks and the annual Hair for Hope initiative, the school works with CCF to provide our staff and pupils with an opportunity to exercise empathy and thoughtfulness. As part of the One Montfort initiative, both MJS and MSS work closely together to align the mission, vision and values of both schools, and streamline practices to provide a smoother transition for pupils who move from MJS to MSS.

Global partners include Ming Xing Primary School in Dalian, China where the school is into the 4th year of the twinning programme. This is an important platform for pupils to learn about other cultures and give them a global outlook and seek possibilities into the future.

The school reviews the various partnerships on an on-going basis to evaluate the impact of these partnerships. By developing greater depth in a few key partnerships, the school and community has seen and reaped mutual benefits. Going ahead, the school aims to enhance and deepen existing partnerships and strategically identify and develop new partnerships to facilitate the achievement of the school’s vision, mission and values.