Kranji Secondary School

Partnership Efforts @ Kranji Secondary School

Tree planting on Earth Day sponsored by the Parent Support Group

Convinced that clear and purposeful partnerships with all strategic partners are crucial to support the delivery of school goals and achieve excellence in providing quality education to our students, Kranji Secondary adopts the 3Cs (Communicate, Collaborate & Celebrate) partnership framework, which is aligned with our vision, mission and values. The school has clearly defined its partnership goals in Strategic Thrust 3 to engage its stakeholders actively, with the objectives to “Forge a strong partnership with stakeholders”. The principal plays an active role in strengthening the school-community partnership and is personally involved in identifying key stakeholders for collaborative practices and creating a culture where teachers are also empowered to participate in and organize community based activities.

Over the years, Kranji has sought to deepen its partnerships with SAC, parents and Alumni, drawing on their resources to enhance the learning experiences of our students as well as to bring a sense of achievement to our partners. The PSG not only attends school events but also initiates and co-organises activities for our students. Moreover, the PSG also serves as a Champion group and plays a pivotal role in explaining policies to parents. The school values the partnerships with the SAC and Alumni because the school believes that with their varied background and expertise, they can provide valuable resources to enrich school programmes. For example, the Alumni has contributed significantly in initiating programmes to benefit our students by mentoring and coaching them in learning, CCAs, choosing post-secondary pathways and organizing events such as Sports Fiesta and Grad Nite.

The school has established and sustained strong partnerships with external organisations and the community to provide opportunities for our students to acquire values such as social responsibility, gain exposure to global issues and yet develop a sense of rootedness. To ensure our students have access to a wide range of learning experiences, our key partners are categorised under 5 main areas namely, Community, Environment, Instructional Programmes & Future Courses, ICT and Internationalisation. For “Community”, the school has collaborated with the Yew Tee CCC to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. This collaboration provides our students with opportunities to gain experience in organizing large-scale community events and develop leadership skills. This event is well-received by the residents thus affirming the school’s success in fostering community spirit among Yew Tee residents. The school has also won the PAYM Meritorious Award for its Service-Learning Programme, “Food Donation to the Needy @ Yew Tee Estate”.

At the Community in Bloom booth

For “Environment”, Kranji has built a network of collaborations with NParks and SWCDC to support a cleaner and greener Singapore, particularly in the Community in Bloom (CIB) Programme. For our environmental efforts and drive, Kranji was accorded the Platinum Award, NParks Community In Bloom 2010. This year, we also took part in the Garden Design Competition in a multi-modal partnership with ST Kinetics and Blue Horizon Condominium. Our “Garden in the Classroom” won the Gardener’s Cup 2010 in the Best Interactive Garden Award category.

Group photo with students from Si Chuan Shi Fang Middle School

For “Internationalisation”, the school has a clear framework to enable our students to gain exposure to different cultures, global issues and yet retain a sense of rootedness to our country. The most significant of our overseas partnerships is the Twinning Programme with Beijing 54 Middle School and Si Chuan Shi Fang Middle School. Kranji hosted the visiting students from Si Chuan Shi Fang Middle School in August 2010 and also various groups of overseas delegates from UK, Costa Rica, PRC Hebei and South-East Asia in 2009.