Kong Hwa School

Kong Hwa School Alumni

The Kong Hwa School Alumni, inaugurated as a society in 1992, has been helmed by a group of passionate and committed ex-Kong Hwaians. Notably among them are Mr Teo Kek Yeng, the President and Ms Nicolle Tan, currently one of the Vice-Presidents who role model the very spirit of Kong Hwaians as encapsulated in the school motto ‘Sincerity and Perseverance (诚毅). Their deep gratitude towards and strong identification with their alma mater lead to the fruition of many enriching and meaningful partnership projects with the school for their juniors such as the overseas immersion trip to Nan’An which they initiated in 2005 and subsequently extended to Nanjing. Besides the programme planning involvement which starts as early as the start of the academic year, the alumni also co-sponsor and lead the juniors on this yearly P5 immersion programme in November which builds character, deepens the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, widens their exposure to the globalised world, builds networking and creates an authentic context for Chinese Language application.

The presence of the alumni during the trip is also a platform for the seniors to engage and inspire the juniors with their nuggets of life experiences and knowledge through story telling such as the story on how the Principal of Xing Zhi Primary School (行知小学校)) transformed the school from a dilapidated four-classroom building for children of farmers in the area to a reputable school with modern facilities and dormitory.

Homestay during the visit to Nan’An First Experimental School is also purposefully created by the alumni who work closely with the Principal and teachers from Nan’An to arrange and match pupils to their respective host families. The alumni plan not only for the safety of their juniors but also make sure that they experience first hand the lifestyle and culture of the people there. Last year, the alumni enhanced the immersion programme by including a reflection segment before and after the trip for the pupils to write and share what they valued most. The reflections were collated and published to celebrate the growth of our children as their most valued after the trip as compared to before the trip has shifted from the tangibles and less significance to intangibles values such as friendships, love for country and respect for others.

As a key stakeholder, the alumni have and will continue to inspire our pupils through their words, deeds and thoughts. They stand for what Kong Hwa School wants to inculcate in our children—ability to persevere in their learning and sincere in wanting to serve (give back to) society.