Junyuan Secondary School

Junyuan Secondary School (JYSS) has identified “Fostering Strong Partnerships” as one of our four Strategic Thrusts to underpin our strong commitment towards achieving our Vision—“A Champion School for The Community”. We have purposefully designed our curriculum to include partnership with our stakeholders as one of the necessary conditions for creating the best learning environment for our students.

Maths tuition by Temasek JC students

In fact, our strong partnerships with our key partners extends the range of school programmes offered to our students for a more enriching learning experience through community immersion. Resources, beyond the school’s confines, are opened up as a result of stakeholders’ commitment to our vision and mission.

A special committee—Community Committee, comprising of liaison officers with our various community partners, is consciously set up to drive the school’s partnership goals. We have liaison officers for Parent-Support-Group (PSG), alumni, grassroots organisations, charitable/ non-profit organisations, corporate organisations and other educational institutions. Besides strengthening existing partnerships, the committee constantly explores and establishes meaningful collaborations with new partners.

At Junyuan, we believe that every partnership needs to be properly planned and carefully nurtured in order to achieve win-win outcomes. ‘Junyuan Partnerships Plan’, a complete set of work plans for all our partners, is crafted to achieve this purpose. It includes work plans of PSG, Alumni, SAC, and all other key partners. By providing an overarching view of the various partnerships, the plan allows the school management to review and make informed decision in its choice of key partners.

Junyuan values parents as one of its most important partners. The ‘Home-School Policy’ delineates clearly, areas where parents and the school can work closely to enhance the educational experiences of the students. By actively engaging the parents in areas such as student discipline, academic monitoring and CCA attendance, Junyuan aims to provide consistent values education, both at home and in school.

Junyuan Parent Support Group (PSG) was set up in 2002 to engage a core group of parents who wanted to have a bigger say in their children’s education. The group has grown steadily over the years. Every year without fail, the PSG will organize school events, conduct parenting workshops and chaperon students to numerous school enrichments. Selected members have also been attached to special-committees for consultation and feedback on school programmes.

Fun fair at Tampines West

Besides the internal partners, Junyuan actively engages external partners to create authentic learning opportunities for our students. Our key partners include post-secondary institutions (e.g. Temasek Polytechnic), non-profit organizations (e.g. Saint Andrew Autism Centre), community clubs (e.g. Tampines West Community Club), government agencies (e.g. NEA) and business organizations (e.g. Eighteen Chefs). Each of these organisations is able to provide unique learning experiences that complement our school curriculum, e.g. career guidance, work attachment, CCA enrichment, community involvement and character development programmes.

Having experienced the immense benefits of partnership, Junyuan will continue to tap on the strengths of both its internal and external partners. In planning and executing our Junyuan Partnership programmes with our stakeholders, we hope to transform every Junyuan Champ into confident, self-directed learners, active community volunteers and contributing citizens of Singapore.