Greenridge Secondary School

Greenridge Secondary School (GSS) firmly believes in a whole-school approach to the ownership of its vision, mission, strategic thrusts and core values ingrained in the acronym, PRIDE, which stands for Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy. The school vision is “Gracious and Dynamic Global Citizens” while the school mission is “Building Character, Nurturing Talents”. This is strategically supported by the school’s planned and conscious efforts to build strong partnerships with its stakeholders, external organisations and the community.

The partnerships formed help to propel the three strategic thrusts of the school: Cognitive Development, Character Development (CD) and Capacity Building. The school also encourages collaborative effort involving our major stakeholders, together with the staff and students, to cascade its long term vision which has been in turn translated into individual goals and objectives towards achieving an all-round education for every student.The partnerships with stakeholders not only enhance and make authentic the learning experiences of our students, but also provide them with the opportunities to be connected to the wider community, both locally and globally.

School celebrations

Our School Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Alumni (DT-GS) have been providing strong and dedicated support in student enrichment and staff development. They have provided monetary support for scholarships, bursaries and overseas trips for sports as well as supported students and staff for special school functions such as the fund-raising projects and celebrations.

To develop and value-add to our partnership with parents, it is our goal to have the Parents Connect (PSG) eventually run the school’s family education programmes more independently, with the school supporting at a more consultative role.

Since its inception in 2005, DT-GS has aimed to enable our alumnus to contribute to their alma mater and provide our students with mentors and role models. We will continue to encourage more ex-students to join the Alumni for the development of a sustainable good leadership of the Alumni in providing continual long-term support for the school.

Launch of Greenridge Energy Learning Hub

GSS is striving to establish itself as a Centre for Environmental Stewardship to promote environmental education. With this shared vision, PowerSeraya Ltd provides the continual support for the school’s attempts to go beyond the norm of mere event-based sponsorship, moving into a more holistic approach towards an environmental education via the use of a “first of a kind” learning centre in Singapore. We have now successfully established this centre of learning, known as the Energy Learning Hub (ELH), which aims to take the like of the First Environmental Research Centre, but at a lower level of expertise and technical know-how because of a younger audience.

The school has been PDS re-certified in 2008. This is in recognition that GSS has well-defined values aligned to the organisation’s vision and mission which support people excellence. Since 2006, GSS has continued to provide our students with a quality school experience, as evident in the overall positive trends of the QSE results of the past 3 years which indicated a positive student perception of their school experience. There is a strong evidence of our stakeholders’ belief and support in the school, home and community collaboration.