Gongshang Primary School

Gongshang Primary School was founded in 1920 and has regarded itself as a community school for the community. The relocation of the school in the heartland of Tampines has allowed the school to forge closer ties with the community. The school, in tandem with its partners and stakeholders, is guided by this formula : GSPS Education = Home Education + School Education + Community Education.

The Parent Support Group (PSG), a key partner, was established in 1997 and enhancements and improvements have been taking place every year. This strong partnership with parents is exemplified by the school scout unit, which has established itself as a dynamic and vibrant unit, run actively by dedicated parent volunteers who have helped to nurture our pupils into excellent scouts. To their credit, some of the scouts have achieved the ‘AKELA’ award—the highest honour for any cub scout and the school has been receiving the ‘Frank Cooper Sands’ award since 2005. The scout unit even clinched the top award for 2009 Cub Scout Challenge.

The school’s linkages with its alumni, SAC and key community partners also continue to be synergistic. For example, school facilities have been used by the CDAC for its tuition programme since 1993. In recognition of this close partnership, the school was presented with the Partner’s Award by CDAC in 2007. Pupils from the neighbouring PCF kindergartens are involved in immersion programmes held in the school to prepare the kindergarten children for Primary One. Gongshang teachers partner with PCF staff to run these programmes that involve the school’s Primary 3 pupils performing the role of buddies to the K2 children, enabling these pupils to develop their leadership qualities. These are examples of synergistic partnerships which have become a hallmark of our engagement with our key partners.

Parents from the Parent Support Group with their baked cookies

In view of emerging trends, the school’s approach towards sustaining and charting new partnerships is that of “Partners for Partners”. Beyond working at the level of partnership between the school and its partners to achieve student and school outcomes, the school has begun to leverage on key partnerships to contribute to the cause of community partners at large. For example, since 2007, the PSG has been involved during the school’s Annual Awards Presentation and the Primary 6 ‘Entrepreneur Bazaar’, baking cookies to raise funds for MERCY Relief for Indonesia during the tsunami and recent floods.

Since 2007, the school and its partners have gone beyond Singapore to help the unfortunate. Storybooks and toys were collected and donated to rural schools and needy children in Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Cambodia. For example, in response to the needs of a school stricken by the earthquake in Sichuan, China, money was donated by an Alumni member in 2008 to rebuild the school. He worked in partnership with Gongshang teachers, who developed Interactive Whiteboard Board lesson plans for use by the school in Sichuan.

This keeps our partnership model dynamic, and brings the notion of purposeful collaboration to a higher level, thereby enabling the school to sustain our partnerships beyond our current achievements.