Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) is an autonomous, government-aided mission school with 122 years of rich history. Throughout our history, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) has actively engaged and grown from its synergistic partnerships with the Methodist Church, the Board of Management (BOM), the Alumni Association and the Partners-in-Education (Parents). Our partners and stakeholders’ continual and firm support have been critical in building our strong school culture and tradition, and in bringing the school to where it is today.

The Methodist Church provides valuable support to the school for its building projects and its pastoral care programme. The school also embraces a strong partnership with our stakeholders like the BOM, Alumni and our parents. The active involvement of the BOM and the Alumni Association has been instrumental in creating a sense of belonging and rootedness in the Fairfield Family through major school events and fund-raising efforts. Our parents, some of whom are Alumni members, play significant roles in contributing time and effort as part of the Partners-in-Education (PIE) lending their expertise and help in school-organised programmes. A major initiative run and managed entirely by PIE is the cafe ‘Teenage Zone’ (T-Zone), a favourite hangout for our pupils. In return, our parents have also benefited from the School-Family-Education (SFE) Programme and the Homemakers Fellowship sessions conducted by our SFE coordinator.

Chemical and Life Sciences AEM at Singapore Polytechnic

The school leaders have built on the school’s collaborative culture with our partners through the conception of the Partnership Framework. The Partnership Framework is aligned with the school’s strategic thrusts. Each one of our strategic thrusts involves collaboration with partners. The approach is two-pronged: one that seeks to build purposeful and sustainable partnership opportunities while the other is focused on giving back to the community. Besides recognising the importance of partnerships with our internal partners comprising the Methodist Church, the BOM, the Alumni Association and the PIE, the school also actively cultivates strategic external partners for the all-round development of our pupils. Such partnerships support the school’s efforts to provide every Fairsian with an excellent and well-balanced holistic education. For example, the school collaborates closely with the Singapore Polytechnic to enhance the Science, Aesthetics and Research and Development (R&D) programmes through the introduction of Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) to our pupils.

A Dover block party organised by the students

The school believes that every Fairsian is blessed to be a blessing to others. Therefore we seek to connect with and contribute to the wider local and overseas community. In the area of National and Character Education for example, the pupils are involved in the Block Party Projects in Dover Road Estate. The school’s partnership with Queenstown Community Centre has also enabled our pupils to observe and learn how the grassroots leaders serve the residents in the constituency through their participation in the Member of Parliament’s weekly block visit. In addition, partnerships were established with overseas agencies such as the Janakalyan Primary and Lower School in Nepal, and Pandan Junior High School in India.

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) firmly believes that together with our partners, we can realise the school vision of developing our pupils into “active lifelong learners and influential leaders… who can positively impact the local and global community”.