CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Many Partners, One Big Family

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School has always built its partnership around a family-centered tradition. The involvement of parents, alumnae and the community in student development to support the school vision of ‘A Leader in Every Student’ serves as the foundation of its Home-School-Community partnerships.

FIESTA 2008 - Fund Raising Event

This family-centredness between the school and partners is evident not only in the naming of venues and events such as the Family Lounge, Family T-shirt and Family Dance but also in many of the school programmes that are jointly organised with the partners. These include enrichment programmes, Work Attachment for Sec 3 pupils, ‘Luv Paks’ for graduating students and the uniquely ‘U n I Auntie’ scheme where foreign scholars are paired with a parent or ex-parents and her family . In support of the school’s PRIME project, the parents and alumnae tirelessly helped to organise the mega fund raising events, FIESTA which raised $2.47 million in 2006 and 2008. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, parents, alumnae, staff and pupils came together for a 24-hour record setting run as part of fund raising.

CIP at IJ Mission in Chiangrai, Thailand

Parents also work very closely with the school and the IJ Board on the spiritual wellbeing of the pupils. Some even role-modeled by participating in the school’s overseas CIP at IJ Mission in Chiangrai, Thailand.

This family spirit at St. Nick’s is very much nurtured by 2 important values in the school—Yin Shui Si Yuan (gratitude and humility) and Jie Mei Tong Xin (sisterly love). Many alumnae members come back to offer their service to the school, and are proud to be ex St. Nick’s pupils. Since 2008, the Alumnae Camp for Sec 2 students was introduced to foster a strong St. Nick’s spirit among the pupils. To support leadership development and career guidance, the Alumnae Leadership Lecture Series and In Conversation with Alumnae were introduced. Illustrious alumnae holding senior positions in both the public and private sectors unstintingly shared their experiences with the girls at these events.

Environment project with CDL

Long term collaboration between the school and industrial partners such as Seagate Technology, CDL and NEA also gives our pupils an edge in the areas of science and environmental issues through interaction with leaders in the field of Sciences and environmental projects such as Fabric of Mother Earth Project and Earth Day Fair.

Maintaining Sustainability in Partnerships

The school is guided by its set of partnership philosophy through its CIS (Core, Intermediate and Significant Others) Partnership Framework which is a multi-level partnership strategy. To ensure sustainability in its partnerships, the school establishes an extensive two-way communication structure with its partners. This is done through a continuous effort in gathering feedback/suggestions from its partners in assessing the level of satisfaction for improvement. The school also shares directions and goals with its partners, and updates them regularly on school news through emails, newsletters, school website and meetings. Such close ties have brought many benefits to the development of our pupils and staff.