Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Partnership@Anglo-Chinese School Primary

Vision and Mission

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ACS(P) is totally committed to establishing effective partnerships to achieve the school vision: Every ACSian a young man of character, capability and creativity. Our mission is to nurture and mould every pupil and develop in him a strong moral character to prepare him for life ahead. In line with the school vision and mission as well as our strategic thrust to enhance our partnership with all stakeholders, the school has established and maintained effective partnerships with all our stakeholders (Refer to our Framework of Collaborations). At the heart of all our partnership efforts lies the student; our belief is that such partnerships enable the school to realise our common goals—to meet the needs of our pupils. Every partnership the school harnesses is to cater to the all-round development of our pupils—the affective, cognitive, social and physical aspects of their development.

Commitment & Culture

ACS(P) has a long tradition of collaboration with our key/other partners who have been the backbone of support for the school, providing a broad framework of network to be tapped. The school proactively develops purposeful partnerships to meet the needs of our pupils; school leaders together with key personnel and members of the staff promote, champion and establish good working relationships with all our key/other partners.

Our Partnership Process

A clear and systematic process of setting and appraising partnership directions and goals is in place. Our approach is in line with our vision, mission and values; it is our belief that the holistic development of our pupils is dependant on their development in each of the four domains—Affective, Cognitive, Social and Physical.

  • Affective Development

    The affective development of pupils—their character development, emotional and psychological well-being—is of utmost importance. Our partnerships hope to develop in our pupils a strong moral character imbued with Christian values and principles.

  • Cognitive Development

    Building the intellectual capacity of pupils through a forward-looking, broad-based and learner-centred curriculum which strives to develop every child to his full potential. Our collaborative efforts create a conducive learning environment that also promotes critical and creative thinking.

  • Social Development

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    A strong ethos of care, social responsibility and a heart of service that ultimately results in the pupils blossoming like a ROSE (Respect for Others, Self and the Environment). Our partnerships create opportunities for pupils to develop social responsibility that ensures our desired outcome is achieved.

  • Physical Development

    The close partnership between the school and our key/other partners results in the all-round physical development of our pupils which not only enhances their physical well-being, but also develops in them a passion for sports and other physical activities.

How school maintains sustainability in partnerships

Believing that “the Past we inherit, the Future we create”, the school continually reviews its partnership efforts to make them sustainable. The school has strong and effective partnerships in place to benefit both staff and pupils and it is quick to respond to any feedback or changing needs; this is done in close collaboration with our key/other partners. The resulting partnership is one of mutual benefit—our partners are keen to work with us because of their belief in investing in the future of our pupils and in the ACS brand of education.

A review mechanism and regular feedback sessions are carried out with all our key/other partners; formal and informal channels of communications are in place and our partnership efforts/programmes are continually reviewed, evaluated, refined and sustained over the years. The sustainability of our collaborative efforts is evident in several best practices that have been shared at the school, cluster and national levels]. While our collaborative climate and culture is unique to the school, many of our collaborative efforts can be adopted or adapted.

ACS(P) has a fine tradition of collaborating with our partners who have invested financially, emotionally or spiritually to the life of the school, in particular the all-round development of our pupils. Like us, our partners believe in the “cause of ACS forever”. (Indeed) “Our hearts, Our hopes, Our aims are ONE” Truly, The Best Is Yet To Be!