Spectra Secondary School

Spectra Secondary School hosted Mr Hawazi Daipi, Chairperson of COMPASS, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Manpower, and COMPASS members for a school visit and showcase on their school-home-community collaboration efforts.

As Singapore’s second specialised school for students in the Normal (Technical) stream, Spectra places a strong emphasis on seeking and nurturing collaborative partnerships for the benefit of its students. Aside from studying English Language, Mother Tongue Language and Mathematics, Spectra students will specialise in one of four ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) courses at the upper secondary level. They can choose from Hospitality Services, Retail Services, Facility Services and Mechanical Servicing.

Principal, Mr Krishnan Aravinthan, shared how the school, which started operating in Jan 2014, focuses on building quality relationships with parents and the community to present authentic learning opportunities for their students.

COMPASS members visited learning facilities in Spectra to further understand how partnering corporations have helped build authentic learning spaces for students on the Vocational Education. For instance, there are training rooms set up by Home-Fix and NTUC Fairprice for Spectra to conduct on-site retail lessons, as well as a housekeeping training room set up by Park Hotel Group.

Mr Krishnan also highlighted the school’s priority in engaging parents though an open door policy; parents are welcome to give feedback and engage in dialogue with the school leaders.

COMPASS members had the chance to interact with and hear from PSG members during this visit, and exchanged perspectives on boosting school-home-community partnership.