Teck Whye Secondary School

On 2 August 2012, Teck Whye Secondary School hosted Mr Hawazi Daipi, Chairman of COMPASS and Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower, and COMPASS members to a school visit. The school visit focused on the theme of partnerships in education, which allowed members to understand the school’s partnerships efforts as well as the opportunities presented by these collaborations.

The visit started with an introduction of the representatives from the School Advisory Committee (SAC), Parent Support Group (PSG), Alumni and staff, followed by the Principal’s presentation on the school’s partnership approach and engagement efforts. He highlighted the school’s emphasis on nurturing synergistic partnerships as one of its strategic thrusts, and shared examples on how the school actively engaged stakeholders and partners to broaden students’ experiences and enhanced student outcomes in teaching and learning, co-curricular activities (CCAs), as well as in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). In addition, the school has developed a customised approach comprising a balance of online networking, such as Facebook, and physical activities in collaboration with the PSG to strengthen parent engagement.

Mr Hawazi Daipi with Parent Support Group in Teck Whye Secondary School

Following the presentation, the COMPASS members were brought around the school to further understand how partnerships have enriched school programmes and how the school has contributed back to the community. At the Chill-out Room - dual-use space for after-school student activities as well as for PSG activities - the PSG Chairman, Mr Steven Joseph, painted the exciting journey of the PSG and how it has grown to be a key partner to the school. In the area of teaching and learning, Subject Head for Science, Ms Ng Shuwen and students shared on their experiences working with partners such as NIE Southwest CDC, NEA and Emarco Pte Ltd in areas such as curriculum prototype in design thinking, Science enrichment and Environment Club programmes to realise Reggio Emilia’s concept of ‘environment as the third teacher’ in learning.

Mr Hawazi Daipi observing Teck Whye Secondary School’ Niche Programme.

Partnerships also featured prominently in the school’s Niche Programme in Hockey. Hockey teachers and students briefed COMPASS members on how they tap on the energy, expertise and resources from coaches and external partners to develop students to their fullest potential. Examples include the sponsorship of Sports Scholarships by SAC and alumni to nurture students with potential in studies and sports, as well as the school’s involvement in a Singapore Sports Council’s Vision 2030 pioneer project on sports leadership and values development. In return, the students contribute to the community by organising hockey enrichment workshops for primary schools.

Mr Hawazi Daipi observing students’ CCE learning experiences.

The last station showcased the students’ CCE learning experiences through building greater ties with our community. COMPASS members heard from students how their class Community Involvement Programme (CIP) was integrated into their Project Work lessons where they identify needs and concerns of their immediate community before designing solutions to help them. Students also shared how the school has moved out to the community more frequently to celebrate and bond with the residents during NE events such as National Day.

The school visit concluded with lively interaction amongst COMPASS members, school staff, students, SAC, alumni and PSG members. There was a palpable sense of confidence and pride as COMPASS members commended the students for their progress and achievements.