Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School (NYPS) hosted the COMPASS Visit led by Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Education as well as Chairman, COMPASS on 29th March 2011. COMPASS members present, included Mr Wong Siew Hoong, Director of Schools, Ms Sum Chee Wah, Director of Education Programmes Division and 16 other members. The objective of the visit was to gain better insights into one of the recommendations from the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) committee which is on Holistic Assessment(HA).

The school visit started off with Ms Ginny Lee, Project Director, Assessment Literacy from, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, presenting on an overview of PERI HA. This was followed by the Principal, Mrs Lee Hui Feng’s, sharing on the NYPS Holistic Development Framework and their guiding principles. The school strongly believes that Holistic Development has always been supported by HA, which equips the child with knowledge, skills and competencies anchored in the right values.

COMPASS members observing an ongoing lesson

The next segment of the school visit was the school tour .The school tour guided the COMPASS members on the Holistic Assessment for Learning (HAL) journey in NYPS. It provided an insight into NYPS Holistic Development of their pupils with the emphasis on HA and the Special Assistance Programme (SAP). The school tour comprised 2 main elements, namely lesson demonstrations in the HA centres and Exhibition booths and displays in the school hall.

The HA centres featured how HA was carried out in the learning of English Language, Mathematics and Higher Chinese Language. Teachers and pupils showcased the range of assessment modes and bite-sized forms of assessment used to enhance feedback on the learning of these subjects.

For Higher Chinese Language, ICT, Show and Tell and Pictorial Books were used to demonstrate how the pupils were being assessed creatively on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

For English Language, the demonstration of Teacher-Child Conferencing showcased how students’ written work improved through one-to-one conferencing with the teacher. The Show and Tell as well as Poetry Recitation sessions showed how pupils were developed not only in their communication and presentation skills, but also in the area of confidence building.

For Mathematics, performance tasks like Nanyang F1 Race, Bread Puzzle and Water Bottle exhibited pupils’ in-depth understanding of Mathematical concepts of Ordinal Numbers, Fraction and Volume. The key tenets of ‘Habits of the Mind’ were also consciously incorporated into the assessment.

COMPASS members looking on as the students did their calligraphy art during the school tour

The next segment of the school tour was the visit to the Exhibition area which showcased Holistic Assessment@Nanyang. The teachers presented the NYPS HA Journey and Holistic Reporting which comprised of Holistic Portfolio, Apple Progress Card and traditional report book. The teachers also shared how HA was carried out in other core areas of pupil development such as Music, Art, Chinese Culture, Sports and Mind sports.

The session ended with a tea reception where COMPASS members interacted with various stakeholders of the Nanyang Family.