Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

COMPASS members listening to a presentation by students

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (CGSS) hosted the COMPASS visit-cum-meeting on 22 August 2011. Mr Hawazi Daipi, Chairman of COMPASS and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower, Ms Sim Ann, Deputy Chairman of COMPASS and Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law, together with COMPASS members, representatives from the school advisory committee (SAC), alumni and home-school-link visited the school. The visit focused on the implementation of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) in schools.

Mr Stanley Kwek, Guidance Specialist from Educational Programmes Division, MOE, gave an overview of ECG programmes in mainstream schools in Singapore. Mrs Vivien Koh, teacher-in-charge of ECG in CGSS, shared on the school’s approach towards ECG through lessons conducted on e-career portal, Education and Career Exhibition and the Work Experience Programme. Apart from the presentations, COMPASS members were given a hands-on session of ECG at CGSS through three different exhibition stations.

Mr Hawazi in conversation with a student

At Zone 1, “Discovery of Self”, Mr Hawazi and COMPASS members took on the role of pupils and completed their Personal Globe Inventory (PGI) at eCareers.sg. They also saw how CGSS linked pupils to professionals from her network of parents, alumni and SAC, via the ‘Network’ link. Through this self-discovery process, pupils in CGSS are guided to manage their current and future educational and career expectations and take the necessary steps to achieve their aspirations.

At Zone 2, “Discovery of the Working World”, COMPASS members learnt about the school’s Work Experience Programme (WEP) which provided “real-life” employment experiences for CGSS pupils. Pupils who participated in the WEP shared their experiences of the various stages from application, interview and job attachment to reflections on the experience. Mr Hawazi was particularly interested in the learning outcomes of the pupils who have undergone WEP.

Zone 3, “Discovery of Choices”, was a mock up of the school’s annual Education and Career Exhibition, featuring booths set up by some of CGSS’s partner institutions and companies, namely Victoria Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore and MOH Holdings. The aim of the annual exhibition is to help pupils in CGSS make informed choices and decisions about their education and career aspirations. COMPASS members moved around the booths to find out more about the programme from the partner institutions and companies.

After the tour of the three exhibition stations, COMPASS members interacted with key personnel, SAC, alumni, home-school-link members and other partners of the school over tea.