South 3 Cluster

Kheng Cheng School hosted the COMPASS Visit to S3 Cluster on 25 May 2010. Ms Grace Fu, Chairperson of COMPASS and Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education, with COMPASS members and chairpersons of S3 primary schools’ management/advisory committees, alumni associations and parent support groups visited the school. The objective of the visit was to have a better understanding of the English programme called ‘STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading’ or STELLAR.

COMPASS members interacting with students during the tour

Mr Toh Chye Seng, Superintendent of S3 Cluster, introduced the eight S3 primary schools. Following that, Dr Elizabeth Pang, Programme Director, Literacy Development, CPDD, gave a succinct summary of the objectives and the key features of STELLAR. A flash presentation comprising snap shots of the implementation of STELLAR in the S3 primary schools was screened.

The visitors then toured the various classrooms where each primary school showcased how it has customized STELLAR by taking into consideration the profile and needs of its particular cohort of pupils as well as its own traditions, values and school culture.

A lively dramatisation session by the students

The lively and confident presentations by pupils and teachers at each classroom highlighted the use of sound learner-centred pedagogies such as stories, songs, role play, dramatization, language games and learning journeys. Pupils demonstrated collaboration with each other and working in groups at the learning centres. Some visitors also went to the library and saw parent volunteers, recruited from other schools, helping Kheng Cheng pupils in their reading and oracy.

A dialogue session ensued after tea. Ms Grace Fu chaired the dialogue session. The issues raised centred around the implementation of STELLAR and the various ways that schools partner parents in the programme.

After the hands-on experience in the classrooms and the dialogue, the visitors concluded that STELLAR has created a solid foundation in the learning of the English Language at the lower primary levels. Teachers were supported in its implementation by the provision of clear guidelines and materials, training and one-to-one mentoring. STELLAR has provided pupils with an engaging curriculum helping them to be active speakers, readers and learners of English.