Regent Secondary School

On 3rd September 2010, Regent Secondary School welcomed COMPASS members for a school visit as well as hosted the second COMPASS meeting for the year. The focus of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of how the Sexuality Education Programme is carried out in schools.

Group photo of COMPASS members and students

COMPASS members, led by Chairperson Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Education and Vice-Chairperson, Mr Zulkifli Masagos, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education, were first briefed on the rationale, goals and framework for Sexuality Education by MOE’s Guidance Branch officers, followed by a representative from Health Promotion Board who explained the Breaking Down Barriers programme that is conducted for schools.

Next, Head of Department Mrs Mohana Eswaran, shared on Regent’s Sexuality Education, how it has evolved from being a co-curricular programme when it first started, to become part of the schools’ formal Personal and Social Education programme with the strong support of Principal Ms Lo Sheu Ming. Specially selected teachers are trained to teach SEd lessons which are conducted during curriculum time over one semester at each level. Feedback is sought from pupils and parents to allow teachers to customize the Sexuality Education lessons to meet the needs of the pupils, for example, through innovative approaches such as the use of songs and games.

Class activity going on during a Sexuality Education lesson

Following that, COMPASS members had the opportunity to observe a Sexuality Education lesson and a Lower Secondary Science lesson conducted by teachers in the classrooms. The Sexuality Education lesson focused on getting pupils to think about the physiological, psychological & social consequences of teenage pregnancy.

For the Science lesson, pupils learnt about the development of a human foetus and that abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy. In groups, they discussed how abortion can affect the lives of a teenage couple should they opt for it. Through observing the lessons, the members gained a better insight into how Sexuality Education is taught in schools.

After the lesson observations, guests were treated to refreshments prepared specially by the school’s Food and Nutrition teacher as they interacted with the School Advisory Committee members, parents, pupils and teachers.