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Beyond facts and figures.

Mathematics and Sciences are not just subjects in textbooks – they are all around us everyday. As a teacher, make Mathematics and Science come alive for your students through your lessons, and help them see the relevance to their lives. Join us as a Mathematics / Science teacher and nurture their curiosity for the workings of the environment around us.

Noraisha Bte Hamzah

Noraisha Bte Hamzah
Senior Teacher (Science)
Maris Stella High School (Primary)

The Science Of Teaching

Having done relief teaching in her younger years, Noraisha knew that she wanted to work with students.

“I love the feeling of walking out of class, knowing that my students had learnt something. I love the feeling of seeing my students grow up to be responsible citizens, and seeing the teachers that I mentor blossom and become even better teachers.”

As a Science educator in a primary school, Noraisha’s main responsibilities include planning, preparing and delivering instructional activities, to deliver academic content and hone critical foundational skills. She is also involved in the professional development of other teachers in her school.

While there are rough days, she believes that the “time and effort invested in developing these young minds are definitely worthwhile” as she hopes to enable students to respond appropriately to the challenges they may face in an increasingly complex world.

Ms Chong Bao Ling

Chong Bao Ling
Subject Head (Mathematics), Yishun Innova Junior College

Beyond just numbers

It takes passion and perseverance to get the students to gain an appreciation for the subject you teach, but this is also why teaching rewards with a deep sense of satisfaction. “At the end of the day, it is heartening to see them being able to appreciate the value of mathematics, beyond just numbers, and the relevance it has in their everyday lives.”


Mr Sharin Osman

Sharin Osman
Senior Teacher, Woodgrove Secondary School

From meeting customers to interacting with students

Sharin’s days are no longer about meeting customers and sales targets, but interacting with students and coming up with interesting ways to teach his lessons by weaving in real-life applications and situations. “I believe I have a part in shaping the character of the students whom I interact with. These are just some of the things that keep me going...”

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