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Through Literature, students learn how to make connections between themselves, the text and the world. This belief spurred Janet to teach so as to develop students’ love for English Literature.

Find out how from teaching, Janet is now impacting the larger educational landscape as a Senior Curriculum Specialist.

Help them breeze through fields of words, and sail through seas of novels.

With English as the global language of the world, learning it in schools can never be more important. As an English Language or Literature Teacher, expose students to the intricacies of the language, and nurture in them the love for the language and a strong level of proficiency that will prepare them for work and life. Join us as an English Language or Literature teacher and help them build relationships with the world.

Ms Hannah Rheya Devaser

Hannah Rheya Devaser
Subject Head (English Literature), Tampines Secondary School

Making the world alive in many different ways

Hannah recalled her Literature teacher who sparked her love for the subject: “As English Literature was a new subject for me in secondary school, I struggled with it until I had an amazing, passionate and spirited Literature teacher in Secondary 2. She revealed the wonders of layered language and meaning and her lessons epitomised how the limits of my language are the limits of my world. I felt that as a student of English Literature, the world was alive to me in so many different ways and that my mind’s eye was quickly developing so much so that I had finally learnt how to have and justify personal opinions. Her enthusiasm and energy sparked my interest in the subject tremendously and this resulted in me choosing to continue with the subject right up to the ‘A’ Levels. It was then only natural for me to pursue it at University.

“In order for me to ‘re-gift’ what that teacher had imparted to me, teaching seemed to be the best avenue to reach out to others who are interested in or struggling with the subject and to channel my personal interest in and passion for the subject.”

To Hannah, studying English Literature empowers one with an ability to understand the world in multiple layers.

“It exposes students to the nuances and sensitivities of not only the English Language, but of language as a means of communicating and expressing individuality. Furthermore, actively engaging with certain texts enables students to extend and expand on their opinions and thoughts through critical analysis. I believe that pursuing Literature facilitates and guides a deeper, more meaningful experience of life.”

Empowering students, seeking opportunities

Hannah offers some advice to prospective English Language / Literature teachers:

“Remember that what you are bestowing upon the students is not just an essential life skill in a world where English is the lingua franca but also a priceless gift that will allow them to have multiple perspectives and richer experiences. It is an avenue through which your students will become more discerning readers and more articulate communicators; these are traits that will empower them to be better at whatever pursuits they eventually choose for themselves.

“As a teacher of this subject, you yourself must remain passionate and constantly seek opportunities to nurture this passion through creative writing, participating in or watching performances and of course, reading.”

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