Art and Music

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Ever wondered how your passion for Art can inspire students to discover their creativity? Jess shares how she injects dynamism into her Art lessons and finds joy in influencing young children to appreciate Art.

 Flex their artistic expressions.

A small doodle, a catchy tune– these can be gateways to bigger things. As an Art or Music teacher, you not only help students develop their creative abilities, but also broaden their horizons to diverse opportunities and pathways to success.

Join us as an Art or Music teacher and help students discover their hidden potential.

Ms Hazel Chan Lay Mun

Hazel Chan Lay Mun
Senior Art Education Officer (Art), Student Development Curriculum Division
Previous posting at Fuhua Primary School as Subject Head (Aesthetics)

The heart for teaching

“I engage with children during their formative years and help them develop good character values. I see every child as a work of art in assorted shapes and sizes. Through art, I want to let them convey their ideas in numerous ways and open the window to an interesting world of possibilities.”

A palette of opportunities

Hazel dispels the misconception that art teachers only teach and are unable to hone their craft.

“In 2012, I was given the opportunity to participate in A/Edge – a Visual Arts Exhibition which showcased works from 23 Art educators from schools.”

Within the fraternity, there are art and music courses or discourses at Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) where teachers can keep themselves apprised with art and music practices and pedagogy.

Hazel, for example, enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education Course, which enabled her to delve into more breadth and depth of content knowledge and competencies to deliver quality art lessons to her pupils.

Ms lai Hui Ming

Lai Hui Ming
Music teacher, Punggol View Primary School

A repertoire of opportunities

Hui Ming is also a Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) Champion for Cluster East 4 where she works closely with the STAR to impart best practices to other teachers in the Cluster and Professional Learning Communities. She attends workshops and enjoys singing in the STAR’s Teachers’ Choir.

“This year, I have attended workshops on ukulele playing, Balinese gamelan and a live class demonstration conducted by a visiting fellow from University of Washington. I am grateful to be given so many professional and development opportunities to expand my music appreciation skills.”

Staying upbeat

Music, to Hui Ming, is important to nurture motivation and inculcate values such as self-discipline, resilience, perseverance and teamwork.

The sense of satisfaction she gets is unique to this job. “You know it when pupils ask you why time passes so quickly during your music lessons. I even have pupils stopping me along the corridor so that they can perform for me on the piano or recorder, or sing me a tune.”

Prospective music teachers should be passionate about music, willing to learn and adaptable to different learners’ styles. “Be courageous and leap forward. You will find yourself living each day with meaning and satisfaction that your life is immersed with music,” she adds, before dishing out a last piece of advice with her favourite quote by Ludwig van Beethoven: “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

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