Physical Education

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Trainee teachers will be trained to teach PE at both the primary and secondary levels. Professionally, this will help teachers to understand growth and motor development across the schooling years, and their implications on teaching and learning. Successful candidates’ first school posting will be to the first teaching level indicated in their letter of offer. Candidates may be posted to the second teaching level assigned subsequently. School postings are subject to organisational requirements.

A passion for sports spurred Mr Aravinthan to become a Physical Education teacher.

He imparted values to his students through sports. His leadership style as Principal of Spectra Secondary School has also been influenced by sports.

Learn about Mr Aravinthan’s journey in the Education Service and how he makes a difference.

You learn more from losing than you do from winning. Can you inspire students with that?

Students learn life values through sports. Like being there for your team, giving all you've got, overcoming obstacles and carrying yourself with dignity whether in victory or defeat. Game enough to take on their challenge? Join us as our PE Teacher. It all begins with a teacher.

Jonathan Leo Ng

Mr Jonathan Leo Ng
Physical, Sports & Outdoor Education Officer, Student Development Curriculum
Formerly teaching Physical Education at Da Qiao Primary School

Physical Education (PE) lessons are experiential learning moments that go beyond the classroom. PE builds character, develops social skills, fosters teamwork and encourages fair play.

As a PE teacher, Mr Jonathan Leo Ng sees more Physical Education as more than just physical activity and sports. Having benefited from his own pursuit of sports, Jonathan sees teaching as a career that will enable him to help the future generation develop resilience, determination and respect.

PE at the primary level focuses on broad-based development, and the wide scope of activities helps to develop the fundamental movement skills of a child. Jonathan also believes that when students enjoy their PE lessons it kick-starts a love for and adoption of a physically active lifestyle, which will be an asset to students long after they have left school.

In 2013, Jonathan shared his pilot project on infusing Health Education with Physical Education lessons at the PE and Sports Conference and was given the opportunity to review the way Health Education was taught in schools. These opportunities gave Jonathan the chance to improve the quality of lessons beyond his own classes.

Every day is a new challenge. Kick-start a child's future today. Apply to be a PE teacher here.

Physical Proficiency Test

Applicants shortlisted to teach Physical Education (PE) are required to pass the Physical Proficiency Test (PPT)  conducted by the National Institute of Education (NIE) before they are scheduled for the selection interview.

The PPT comprises 5 separate components. Applicants are required to pass all five components to pass the PPT. As such, applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with each of these components. Please click on the links below to view the videos for each component.

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