Diploma in Education

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If you have the relevant content knowledge and passion to teach and inculcate sound moral values, you are the one we are looking for. For students still pursuing their diploma, you are encouraged to apply during your final year of studies.

  • A Diploma or
  • 2 ‘A’/H2 Level passes and 2 ‘AO’/H1 Level passes (including General Paper or KI) or
  • An IB Diploma or
  • Equivalent qualifications

Male applicants are required to serve their National Service first before applying, unless they have already been granted deferment.

Training at NIE

Dip Ed trainees of the following programmes will undergo 2 years of training.

Programme Length of Training Teaching Level Bond
Diploma in Art Education 2 years Primary 3 years
Diploma in Music Education
Diploma in Physical Education
Diploma in Education (Chinese Language)
Diploma in Education (Malay Language)
Diploma in Education (Tamil Language)

This 2-year training programme at NIE will cover:

  • Education Studies
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Practicum
  • Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills
  • Academic Subject (for Physical Education only)

More details are available at the NIE Dip Ed website.

Trainee teachers on Dip Ed (PE) programme will be trained to teach PE at the primary and secondary levels. Professionally, dual level teacher training will help teachers to understand growth and motor development across the schooling years, and their implications on teaching and learning. Successful candidates’ first school posting will be to the first teaching level indicated in their letter of offer. Candidates may be posted to the second teaching level assigned subsequently, subject to organisational requirements.

Overview Of Application Process

Applications are processed within 5 weeks of the closing of the application window. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the interview where they are required to complete a written response, give a short lesson presentation and have a discussion with the interview panel. Applicants may also be required to take additional tests as required by the Ministry.

DipEd Infographic

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Teaching Bond

Tuition fees for all Dip Ed trainee teachers are fully paid for by the Ministry of Education. While undergoing training at NIE, trainee teachers will receive a monthly salary and year-end bonus. Upon completion of NIE training, they will serve a 3-year teaching bond. A trainee teacher who fails to graduate from NIE or whose services are terminated before fully discharging the 3-year bond will have to pay liquidated damages to the Ministry.

Application Status

Applicants are required to login their Careers@Gov account to check the status of their applications periodically.