Compulsory Untrained Teaching Stint

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For those applying for either the Postgraduate Diploma in Education or the Diploma in Education, the last part of the selection process involves a compulsory school stint as a contract teacher at an allocated school.

This stint is for applicants who are successful at the interview stage, and it takes place before enrolment at NIE.

Participants in this pre-enrolment programme will receive a full monthly salary while contract teaching in school.

Hear first-hand from past applicants on their school stint experiences and on how the stint had helped them on their road towards becoming successful teachers.

“The compulsory school experience is rewarding as it not only equips one with the requisite confidence to join the teaching fraternity, but also helps develop one's teaching sensibilities.”

- Mr Desmond Lim, Mathematics teacher at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. He completed his school stint at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School in December 2011.

“It’s perhaps inevitable for anyone who has decided to do a mid-career change to feel rather uncertain about the field you are venturing into. For those of us who have decided to make a mid-career switch to teaching, the experience may get a tad overwhelming because there are different facets of school life that would have hitherto been inexistent in the more conventional work environments. The mandatory school stint has however provided me an invaluable glimpse into the intimate workings of the school community, and exposure to a teacher’s duties. It will certainly help to assist potential teaching candidates in affirming their interest in teaching.”

- Ms Ng Jieying, Primary school teacher at Rosyth School. She completed her school stint at St. Andrew’s Junior School in June 2012.

“There are some fresh graduates who may possess a deep sense of conviction towards teaching but who are relatively unexposed to the pragmatics of the profession. Managing large groups of students on a daily basis would for instance be a huge challenge for some of us but the mandatory school stint has been really useful in helping aspiring teachers like me adapt to the rigours of this initial phase of school life. It’s important that we take those baby steps when confronted with the myriad challenges of teaching and the stint has been great in helping us do just that.”


- Ms Geraldine Tan, General Paper teacher at Meridian Junior College. She completed her school stint at Tampines Secondary School in December 2011.