English Medium Kindergarten Teacher

The local touch

Ms Nur Amirah

Ms Karen Chia
Centre Head, MOE Kindergarten @ Farrer Park
Formerly Level Head, MOE Kindergarten @Punggol View

“I wanted to be involved in the piloting of the MOE Kindergarten curriculum, something that will eventually benefit the pre-school sector” says Ms Karen Chia, Level Head at MK @ Punggol View.

Familiar tales

Karen enjoys teaching at the MOE Kindergarten, where the hallmark of the curriculum is its distinctively local flavour. “The Starlight Literacy Programme in English and mother tongue uses a series of books written by local authors, with stories set in the local context. Children can relate to these books better as there is something that they are familiar with,” says Karen.

Managing kids and parents

Karen’s experience of working with young children and engaging with parents serves her well when parents and children grapple with sudden change. “A lot of times, it is not the child who faces separation anxiety; it’s the parents and their stress that affect their child,” says Karen.

To reassure anxious parents, she puts in extra effort and adds little touches to build trust and confidence. For instance, she ensures she is present in the morning to receive her charges. “It is my job to show them that their child is more resilient than they think they are,” says Karen.

“I find fulfilment in my charges every day,” says Karen, who discovered her love for teaching young children while working at a childcare centre shortly after graduating from polytechnic. “I am happy to see the children coming to school with a smile every morning. It goes to show that they enjoy school and my company,” she says.

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Helping little ones grow

Ms Nur Amirah

Ms Nur Amirah Kamil
English Medium Kindergarten Teacher, MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring
Formerly English Medium Kindergarten Teacher, MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise

As a teacher at MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise, Ms Nur Amirah is always looking for ways to make lessons more interactive and exciting, researching for her own resources and even inviting guest speakers to the classroom. For example, when the children were keen to know more about the job of a policeman, she invited two police officers to the kindergarten for a show-and-tell.

“I hope to engage children in learning through fun and meaningful ways, so that they look forward to coming to the kindergarten every day,” she says.

Working together

For Amirah, work is made easier because of the good support system within MOE Kindergarten. She finds it easy to discuss matters with her colleagues or seek guidance from her Centre Head when she faces challenges, whether it is in finding materials for a lesson or handling a tough topic.

She collaborates with like-minded early childhood education professionals, including MOE curriculum specialists, to develop the kindergarten curriculum and establish a learning environment that fosters quality learning.

Connecting with parents

Amirah keeps in touch with parents through e-mail, weekly memos, phone calls, and face-to-face chats, to update them on their child’s progress.

“Parents appreciate the effort made by teachers when we share with them about their child’s learning progress,” she says

Source: ST Careers in Early Childhood Education © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.

Job Description

Be part of a dynamic team to enhance the quality of Singapore’s pre-school education landscape. As a Kindergarten Teacher, you will play a key role in providing our young with an enriched learning experience, nurturing their social skills and preparing them for lifelong learning. You will plan and deliver education programmes in order to help foster holistic learning and development for the children and be involved in parent and community engagement.

What your job will entail

  • Organise and execute education programmes to encourage holistic development
  • Support the development and implementation of teaching and learning approaches and resources, as well as ways to better the learning experiences for the children
  • Prepare learning materials and conduct age-appropriate programmes
  • Provide a positive learning environment and ensure the children's well-being and safety
  • Engage parents and partners in education to be involved in learning and development of the children
  • Monitor and document children’s learning and growth

Who we are looking for

  • Effective communication skills and the ability to engage children
  • Nurturing and dedicated to the development and well-being of children
  • Applicants should hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching (DECCE-T) (or equivalent)

Remuneration & Benefits

The starting salary for a trained candidate ranges from $2,300 - $4,610.

Your appointment grade and starting salary will take into consideration the relevance of your experience to the position, time spent on the job, and your academic training. You will be granted additional salary increments if you have completed full-time National Service.

Note: The above is applicable to candidates appointed with effect from October 2018. All salaries are subject to review and change.

Other service benefits include:

  • School holidays (Teachers can enjoy school holidays if their services are not needed during the holidays.)
  • Up to 10 days of leave for Urgent Private Affairs (subject to approval)
  • Medical leave - 14 days sick leave (if no hospitalisation) and up to 60 days sick leave (with hospitalisation)
  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits
  • Use of Government Holiday Bungalows
  • Group Insurance Scheme at low premium

Application Details

For Trained Applicants, please apply at Singapore Public Service Job Portal at www.careers.gov.sg.

For Untrained Applicants, Application for the MOE Kindergarten Teacher Training Programme is open from 17 Aug 2019 to 30 Aug 2019. Please visit here to learn more about the programme.

We regret that incomplete application forms will not be considered and only short-listed applicants will be notified for interview.

If you are interested in relief teaching in MOE Kindergartens, and meet the eligibility criteria, you can put in an application as a Flexi-Adjunct MOE Kindergarten Educator [FAJ(MKE)].