Administration Manager

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Job Description

As Administration Manager in school, you will play a key role in assisting the school leaders in finance, human resource management, estate management and general administration of the school.  You will supervise a small team of Executive and Administrative Staff (EAS) to achieve excellence in school administration and operations.  This job offers excellent opportunities to acquire skills in all facets of organisational administration in a vibrant environment.

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Managing the school budgeting process and the day-to-day financial operations including exercising financial control over budget expenditure and revenue collection, and financial reporting
  • Supervising the procurement of goods and services, and management of school inventory and assets
  • Supporting the school in human resource management including manpower resourcing and benefits administration
  • Managing the general administration of the school including assisting in estate management
  • Leading the School Administration Team in integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into administrative processes, and leveraging ICT to improve efficiency in work processes and in supporting teaching and learning


  • At least 2 years of experience in finance, procurement, human resource or general administration
  • Strong interpersonal, organisation and communication skills
  • Ability to lead and work well in teams
  • A dynamic and motivated individual with a keen interest in continuous improvement and work excellence
  • A keen interest in ICT and prior experience in IT and/or project management would be an advantage


Application Details

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