Adjunct Executive and Administrative Staff

Adjunct Executive and Administrative Staff (Adjunct EAS) are deployed to our schools to support administration and operations on a 1-year contract to address short-term manpower needs of schools. Subsequent contract renewal will be subject to the schools’ requirements as well as staff performance.

The appointment grade and starting salary will commensurate with the qualifications and work experience of successful applicants.  Those who have completed full-time National Service will be granted increments.  Successful applicants will also be granted service benefits such as vacation leave and subsidised medical and dental benefits.

The timeline for the recruitment exercise is as follows:

Application Window

12 Oct – 20 Oct 2019

Shortlisting, Interview and Processing

From 15 Nov 2019

Close of Exercise

13 Jan 2020

Application Details

To apply for the Adjunct EAS positions, please visit Careers@Gov.

Short-listed applications will be referred to hiring schools for selection. Applications will be kept in view until 13 Jan 2020, following which it will be closed automatically.