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  • The Speech

    The Speech

    By going beyond the textbooks, a teacher taught this student his most important lesson yet – belief. Click on the image to watch the full video.

  • Are you game enough?

    Are you game enough?

    Good teachers go by the book, but great teachers are game changers. One teacher decided to bring his teaching to the next level. This story is inspired by Mr. Matthew Ong, who engages his pupils through gameplay in class. Click on the image to watch the full video.

  • It All Begins With A Teacher

    It All Begins With A Teacher

    A pen. An ordinary piece of stationery. But it can also be a powerful tool - in the hands of a teacher. Beyond just using a pen to assess and grade, teachers use it to inspire belief. Belief that you're one step closer to your goal. That you can go further than you think. That you have it in you. A teacher's encouragement can uplift our spirits and begin a change in us that lasts a lifetime. If you too believe there is potential in every student, join us as a teacher.