Bicultural Studies Programme Scholarship (JC1 Intake)

The Bicultural Studies Programme Scholarship (BSP) is offered by the Ministry of Education to encourage outstanding students, who have the interest and capacity to engage China’s culture and contemporary society, to pursue China Studies at H2 level under the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP). The BSPS is available at the following centres at Pre-University Level: 


Applicants should:

  • Be Singapore Citizens;
  • Have done consistently well in school and obtained outstanding overall results in their GCE O-Level Examinations or equivalent based on their IP school's internal assessment;
  • Have obtained at least an A2 in Chinese or a B3 in Higher Chinese;
  • Have successfully been admitted to BSP in one of the BSP centres;
  • Have a very good co-curricular activities record;
  • Have good conduct record; and
  • Not currently be in receipt of any other MOE scholarship (except Edusave Scholarships).


2020 application is now closed. 2021 application will open after the official release of the GCE O-Level Examination results in January 2021.

Selection for Scholarship Awards

Completed IP applications will be forwarded to their respective IP Schools/JCs for nomination/recommendation. IP candidates nominated/recommended by their IP Schools/JCs will be invited for the scholarship selection interviews.

Non-IP candidates will be selected for the scholarship selection interview based on their GCE O-Level Examinations results.

The scholarship selection interviews for will be conducted in April/May. Interview details will be forwarded to candidates’ email account in April.

Results of the scholarship selection will be announced in June. Please note that only successful candidates will be notified.

Terms and Conditions

The scholarship provides an allowance of $1,000 per annum. It also covers school fees based on Singapore Citizens’ rates less any subsidies, subject to an annual cap of $2,400. It is tenable for 2 years, subject to satisfactory progress at the end of JC1 and good conduct. Successful applicants are not required to enter into a bond to serve the Singapore Government.

Successful applicants must offer H2 China Studies (Chinese). There is no restriction on the choice of the remaining subjects.

Successful applicants are required to participate in the Overseas Immersion Programme and other compulsory BSP activities organised by the school and the Ministry of Education.